NOBTS and Leavell College are committed to preparing servants to walk with Christ, proclaim his truth, and fulfill his mission wherever they are! Our Prepare Here weekends are offered in a variety of locations throughout the southeast. Prepare Here weekend hybrid courses bring together the best of online and in person learning. The course is offered throughout the semester in an online format, but we meet together all day for one weekend (Friday and Saturday) during the semester for a time of learning, discussion, and community.

March 22-23

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  • CEAM6320-HYB - Church Leadership & Administration - J. Dean/M. Johnson
  • HIST5301-HYB - History of Christianity 2 - R. Butler
  • NTEN5352-HYB - NT Exegesis: Romans - B. Browning
  • NTEN5352-HYB - Interpreting the New Testament 2 - C. Ray III
  • DISC5300-HYB - Discipleship and Spiritual Formation - H. Stewart
  • COUN5321-HYB - Human Development - K. Falterman


  • LCCM2350-HYB - Church Leadership & Organization - J. Dean/M. Johnson
  • LCCF2340-HYB - Christian Doctrine - T. Doughty
  • LCBS4333-HYB - NT Interpretation: Romans - B. Browning

Bonus - Come Thursday and Take An Additional Hybrid Course

All day Thursday through lunch on Friday we are adding an additional two-day hybrid course. By coming to campus just Thursday-Saturday, you can do two hybrid classes!


  • BSBT6300-HYB - Biblical Theology - C. Barnes


  • LCBS4350-HYB - Biblical Theology - C. Barnes